Welcome to my world. A world that I can assure you is neither perfect nor complete. Like most worlds – and probably all worlds worth living in. I don't ask you to live in mine, but I am grateful that you decided to pop by.
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This homepage was last updated in November 2023.
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––––––   Here is my Curriculum Vitae   ––––––

Leo Scherfig; born 1968, graphic designer. Married, 4 children.

Denmark's Design School 1993–1996, Institute for Visual Communication.
Graduated with magazine–project 'Zeitgeist', the theme was low–tech design. A travel–grant from my school made it possible to meet and interview designers in London and California.

Månedsbladet Press, 1996–2000.
Directly after my graduation I started working as a graphic designer on monthly magazine 'Press', with graphic designer Marie Lübecker. This cooperation led to the foundation of 'e–Tyes ApS' in 1997.

e–Types, 1997–1999.
Co–founder of »e–Types ApS«, which continued a cooperation that started at Denmarks Design School.

Legalizer, 2001–2009.
Co–founder of »Legalizer ApS«, an agency supposed to create new ways of developing and implementing communication. We had skills regarding everything from printed matter to events. We even made a political campaign for the election in 2001. From 2003 I ran Legalizer on my own, with a few employees.

Leo Scherfig, grafisk design, 2009–.
Clients include book publishers, music venues, theatres, film companies, newspapers etc. In 2011 I made a stamp for the Danish Mail. In 2012 I was selected to make the annual poster for Copenhagen Jazz Festival. In 2014 I recieved »Statens Kunstfonds treårige arbejdsstipendie«, which is a great honour and also a lot of money. 

In 2018 I moved to the beautiful island of Møn, where I continue my work with graphic design's many different expressions. Also I make lino–cut prints and since  2021 I have been following a white rabbit down a hole called Moon Playing Cards.

––––––   Contact information   ––––––

Bakkehøjvej 2, DK–4792 Askeby,
Moon, Denmark