These posters were made entirely as self-promotional work. We really enjoyed ourselves at the Legalizer, back in those days.


At the Legalizer we tried to develop our work by different means. One was the utilization of our pin/badge machine. By taking motifs to new formats, in this case very small formats, we tried to become aware of the visuality from new angles. Here are some of the pins I made at the time:



The Hellvetica t-shirt was made in opposition to all the graphic design people, who consider neutrality a goal in itself. The text goes:

To be bourgeois one must master a system of words, gestures and objects that define a way of life, a particular culture. It requires the exercise of self-control, and the ritualization of daily routines. Yes, you too can be the exactly same as everybody else. But who needs that? Set yourself free. Avoid bourgeois culture.
Hellvetica is a registered trademark of Satan International.