gyldendal marketing

I have done a lot of work for publishing company Gyldendal ever since 2002. Here is some of the stuff.

Firstly I show you some of the work I did for Gazan’s very popular novel ‘The Feathers of the Dinosaur’. The covers of the ordinary edition, the sound-edition and the hardback-version, then some adverts, the 70×100 poster and lastly the billboard-poster.

gazan-books01webCoverdesign for books and audio-edition.

gazan01-ann1Adverts for Newspapers and magazines.

gazan02-poster1Poster, 70×100 cm.



Recently I made some newspaper-ad’s for acclaimed Danish author Ida Jessen:


a-skillerI also made the billboard, which looks like this:



Here are two more billbords, advertizing pocketbooks. Summer of 2009.




The world’s best Danish dictionaries, was the ‘catch-phrase’ invented by Morten Riemann (meet him at He did all the nice text, and I just had to fill in the red.




The Blekinge-street Gang is a written documentary that has been one of the biggest hits in Danish litterature in recent years. It came out as two books, originally.

Here is some of the commercial work I did for the books:
Different posters, adverts in both newspapers and magazines, billboards, big stickers on busses and those large pieces of cloth, hanging from buildings… Banners.



Here are some of the posters I’ve made for the marketing department of Gyldendal. How much variation is it possible to put into this specific field?


Here is some old stuff; well, Elsebeth Egholm is not old herself, of course, but the book the following material advertizes is three or four years old. Here is the ‘in-shop’-material, newspaper- and magazine-ads, the bus-streamer and lastly the poster.





Here below, I bring you Gyldendal adverts for newspapers, 2002-2009.

Back in ’02 there weren’t really any standards for these adverts, and we put a lot of effort into developing what is now widely used as the standard-size of book-adverts for newspapers. We started out in black/white, in 4 or 6 newspaper-columns. Today the normal thing is 6 columns colour.

The three pictures shown here illustrate the layout of the ads.
The first one was used between ’02 and ’04, the second from ’04 to ’07. The last one was meant to be less rigid, thus giving opportunity for pesonalizing each ad. It was active from 2007 to ’09.